3D Designer





Vineta Chugh, is a designer who works in a variety of materials, some of which are wood, metal, and plastic. With a conceptual approach, Chugh tries to develop forms that are inspired by the body and struggles of self-image but are based only on subjective associations that stimulate the viewer to make new individual connections. Her artworks are intertwined with personal experiences and combined with craft that open unique spaces of imagination for the viewer. She has created objects, texts, and images in which the insecurities associated with the mental image of the body are questioned. By choosing primarily formal solutions, she tries to approach a complex subject in a celebratory way and enjoys involving and engaging her viewers. Her works are an investigation of the urgency she finds in celebrating the body in art and design. With the societal binaries, such as beautiful – ugly, fat – thin, and masculine – feminine in mind, she tries to make work that questions them with a poetic approach. Her artworks are a direct response to a body-conscious environment.